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Looking for better ratings, higher engagement and an overall stronger news team? We help you see results immediately.

TalentTrainers online sessions provide an immediate and effective way to improve. In just one session, see instant progress with; voice, physical delivery, studio/field live shots, ad-libbing, packaging, writing, interviewing and appearance. Our goal? To bring out the best aspects of delivery, eliminating distractions and making clients sound like themselves in person.

News managers, we can coach the whole news team – news, weather, traffic, and sports. From improving delivery to clothing choices, we help each person achieve their top potential.

A News Directors’ Ultimate Tool

Build A Stronger Team

We’ll assess your staff and identify talent to develop. Our consultation helps you understand strengths and weaknesses, while taking a close look at research and overall ratings’ trends.

Set The Tone

We focus on urgency and immediacy – essential elements to engage viewers and snag them from competitors. TalentTrainers will make sure each person understands the absolute need to build these two elements in each story or newscast.

Catch The Ball

If you have in-fighting, just like with some sports teams, you won’t likely win the game. Yet, if you have everyone on the same page working for a common goal, you’ll create a more successful news operation.

Save Money On Travel

TalentTrainers provides the same level of coaching services without added travel expenses. Not only will we coach your staff, we’ll provide consultation on the overall product plus help you review new potential hires. That’s all included in our service.

“Our ratings are up in all of the time periods where she’s worked with our anchors. The online sessions are super easy to set up and highly effective, holding down travel costs.”

Eric Olsen, News Director, WTKT-TV, Norfolk, VA

Available Sessions:

Online Course: Deep Dive Into Talent Performance

TalentTrainers’ online sessions provide an immediate and effective way to improve your on-camera skills. In just one session, see instant progress; improving voice, body language, engaging studio/field live hits, creative writing, ad-libbing, packaging, stronger interviews, and appearance.

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We bring out the best aspects of delivery, eliminating distractions and making you sound like yourself. Training lasts one hour with follow-up notes included. Follow-up feedback provided as needed.

Anchor Interaction Session

This extended session provides instruction on improving body language, vocal control, content and tone. Interactions should look and sound conversational with ad-libbing always “content-based,” not aimless chit-chat.

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Each anchor receives specific instruction on how they can best relate to their co-anchor and viewers. Sessions last 1.5 hours, follow-up notes included plus additional feedback as needed.

TV Newscast Review

Sluggish ratings? We troubleshot weak areas of the newscast and build on your team’s positives. This written review looks at all aspects of the newscast especially content, making sure your key demo gets usable, pertinent information to get them out the door in mornings or back home at night.

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TalentTrainers looks at the whole product, specifically:
• Writing – active voice, strong leads, urgency/immediacy  
• Producing – logical story flow, video/SOT placement plus improving cold open and teases/bumps
• Talent – boost energy/enthusiasm  
• Interactions – create engaging crosstalk, content/viewer based
• Weathercast objectives – clear headlining/impacts/immediacy
• Compelling tone/content – snagging viewers at key time periods

Learn To Produce Engaging Internet Videos

Whether you’re a vlogger or creating a simple video for your website, TalentTrainers helps you instantly improve your whole presentation; on-camera look/sound, content and, language. Even if you have never done a video, we can easily help you through the process!

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We start with the basics and help you put the best, most effective video together for your website. Sessions last one hour, follow-up notes included.

TV News Reporting 101

This is a perfect session for new reporters – a primer on reporting basics. In this interactive session, we critique current work, review examples plus train before the camera. We’ll make sure reporters leave the session with a complete bag of new techniques to implement immediately.

More Details

• Active live shots – incorporating background/video and sound

• Improve delivery – voice and body language

• Packaging/writing – effective language, active voice and creative editing/formatting

• Interviewing techniques – how to get the best sound-bite

• Effective use of graphics/video

• Create an appropriate, professional appearance – hair, makeup and clothing

Public Speaking Sessions

Nervous before a group? Who isn’t. These sessions help calm nerves plus provide a platform to practice your speech. TalentTrainers online gives you instant feedback, focusing on staying in control with effective messaging using personal and relatable stories.


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Learn simple, understandable tools to empower you in the process and keep your audience engaged. Sessions last one hour with follow-up notes included plus additional feedback as needed.

We are standing-by.

Standing by to hear your story and how you want to improve your performance or staff. Please feel free to call or email any time. We’re happy to provide a “no charge” review of your current work or newscast.